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Crochet Pattern for Baby Booties

Crochet baby booties
These crochet baby booties are really pretty and are also quite easy to crochet. You may work them in white    knitting cotton or wool as per your preference or use pastel shades too. You can pass a ribbon of an appropriate color depending on whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl. I enjoyed making these and gave them away as gifts; they were much appreciated.

Pattern for crochet baby booties

Crochet Pattern for Baby Shoes

1st Row: Begin with 25ch, 1 tr into 4th ch from hook, 1 tr into each tr to end, 3 tr in the last ch, 1 tr in each of the ch of opposite side, ss into 3rd of beginning 3 ch.

2nd and 3rd rows: Like the 1st row but make 2 tr in each of the corner trebles (all 4 corners). Then for the back portion of the shoe, slip st thru a few stitches of the 3rd row to reach about the mid-point of the instep. Work back making one tr in each of the trebles to reach the part opposite to the part begun with. (30 trebles) 3 times.
Then make 16 ch for strap, 1 tr into 9th ch from hook, 1 tr into each ch to end. Join by the side when the strap is connected to the sole. Cut off.

Rounded front portion:
1st row: Make 6 ch, join with a ss to form a ring. Make 10 dc, turn.
2nd row: 1 tr, 1 ch into each of the 10 dc.
3rd row: (If desired, contrast color may be joined here) 1 tr into each tr, 1 tr in each sp, to end.

4th row: 1 tr in each tr for the whole row.
5th row: (Change color here) 2 tr into each of first 7 tr, 1 tr into each of next 6 trebles, 2 tr into each of next 7 trebles.
6th row: 1 dc into each of 1st 6 trebles, 1 htr into each of next 7 trebles, 1 tr into each of next 5 trebles, 1 htr into each of next 7 tr, 1 dc into each of next 7 trebles.

To join sole to the top:
Hold sole. Below the sole, place the top. Leave about 2 stitches on the instep and start ss by picking the half of the stitch towards you of the sole and the half of the stitch away from you of the top of the shoe. Make sufficient number of dcs along the front part of the shoe and come to the hole in the middle. Make 3 ch, 2 tr in the same place. For strap, repeat this 8 times more. Turn into half and join at the hole. Make dcs to the other side of the front portion of the shoe. Fasten off.

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