Monday, June 30, 2014

Winnie the Pooh Small Amigurumi Free Pattern

Winnie the Pooh Small Amigurumi Free Pattern
It looks like I am really obsessed with these crochet critters and can't stop myself from making them. There are so many free amigurumi patterns to be found on the Net that I want to make each and every one that I set my eyes on! I simply loved this Winnie the Pooh pattern for amigurumi and although I had found a bigger one I was not really interested in making it. The little ones look too cute! I want to make Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet next so keep watching this space. Once I had this Winnie the Pooh crochet pattern, I was over enthusiastic and could not wait to start on it and even though I did not have sufficient yarn in yellow I started on it; then I could not get the exact shade of yellow at the market, it was a wee bit darker but I am sure you can't tell.If you too would like to crochet Winnie the Pooh, get the pattern here. Since it has Spanish instructions, you might like to see the Spanish to English translation of crochet stitches.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Free Snowman Amigurumi Pattern

I know it's summer already and the snow must have melted away in most parts of the world. But here is Frosty the Snowman... hope you like him! After the tiny snowmen ornaments I made last Christmas for the Christmas tree, I have been getting requests for a snowman that will sit or which would grace a table. So I found this pretty snowman pattern here. You might also like my other Christmas decor.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Crochet Amigurumi Chick Free Pattern

Charlie the chick free crochet pattern
Easter has come and it has gone. I wanted to make some crochet Easter decor but although I had crocheted this amigurumi chick I could not post it for a long time for want of eyes; I had misplaced the beads! :( Finally I have still not found my bead container (didn't search too earnestly though) but went out and bought some more beads. Seemed easier... :) So here is Charlie the chick, finally ready to say Happy Easter to you albeit very very late! If you would like to make this cute crochet chick, then you can get the free amigurumi chick pattern here. If you are an amigurumi fan like myself, then you can find more free amigurumi patterns on my blog.

Crochet pattern Frog Amigurumi

I am posting again after ages; have been very busy at the office and no time to follow my pursuits.Last weekend I thought I must make this frog, it should help me unwind after working late hours at the office. So here he is,  meet Felix the frog.This took me about 7 hours to complete but I think it was worth it! You can get the free amigurumi frog pattern here. I had also made another frog using a Free pattern for amigurumi crochet frog. You can check out which amigurumi frog you would like to make. I also have some other free amigurumi patterns here that you may want to try out.
Felix the Frog free amigurumi frog pattern

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