Saturday, November 2, 2013

Santa Claus Christmas Tree Ornament

Santa Claus Christmas Tree Ornament Free Crochet Pattern
I loved this pretty Christmas Father in Christmas Tree Ornaments. I saw this on a Spanish site but couldn't seem to find the instructions. So again I made this Christmas tree ornament by just looking at the picture but I recently found the pattern available here. In Spanish they call it Papai Noel.

Poinsettia Doily - Free Pattern

Free pattern crochet poinsettia doily
I had seen a picture of a crochet poinsettia doily like this on ebay. The doily was for sale. I couldn't find the free pattern for the crochet poinsettia anywhere on the Net so I looked at the picture and made this Christmas poinsettia doily pictured above. I promised myself that I would type out the instructions and post them on my blog but I never did get down to it. However, one day when I was browsing on the Net for free Christmas crochet patterns I chanced upon this poinsettia pattern here. Take a look at one of the first few free crochet patterns that I had posted; it is the other crochet poinsettia doily free pattern. That too is a very pretty pattern and I am sure you will enjoy making it. You might also be interested in our other free patterns for Crochet Christmas decor including Christmas ornaments and Christmas angels.

Christmas Tree Angel Ornament

Free pattern crochet angel ornament
This pretty crochet angel ornament is made from one of the free patterns that you can find here. This picture does not do it justice but I am not very good with the camera; I am still learning. :) Like I said in my earlier post of the other angel ornament the most tedious part of this free angel crochet pattern is the head and the rest is pretty simple. Check out the other free crochet angel designs.

Crochet Angel Christmas Ornament

Free crochet pattern for angel ornament
Angel Ornaments free crochet pattern

I first made these pretty crochet angel ornaments way back in 2007 when I found this free angel pattern on the Net here. I made quite a few then and sold some. Every time I make some of these Christmas angel ornaments some good friends visit at Christmas and they get given away. Recently I made two of these Christmas angels for a friend and she was simply thrilled. For now, I do not have any for our home so before Christmas comes round I have to make a couple of these pretty crochet Christmas angels for ourselves. I take about 4 hours to makes each of these crochet angels, it is the head part of this crochet angel pattern that gets to you but when you are done with it you go through the rest of the free angel ornament pattern like a breeze. Enjoy making your Christmas crochet angels and have a Merry Christmas! You may check out our other Christmas decor patterns or Christmas ornament patterns or just Christmas angels.

Stockings Christmas Tree Ornaments

Pattern for Stockings Christmas Tree Ornaments
These pretty little stockings Christmas tree ornaments are pretty easy to  make and I enjoyed it. These little Christmas stockings turned out rather well. I used a free crochet pattern for Christmas stockings that I got here. They are sure to look lovely on your Christmas tree. I have been looking for free crochet patterns for Christmas and have found quite a few. I will be adding more Christmas ornaments that I have made over time.

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