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Crochet Magazines Free Download

If you have been looking for free crochet magazines download, there are plenty of them for you to choose from whether it is the Magic Crochet magazine free download, Decorative Crochet magazine, Diana's crochet collection or any other.Below you will find an exhaustive crochet magazines list of the kind of free crochet books that you can download.

Just put one of the following words or group of words in Picasa when you search; instructions are available here regarding crochet magazines free download or  picasa crochet patterns and pattern crochet picasa as some people call them. Of all the  picasa crochet patterns, I like Magic Crochet patterns and Decorative Crochet patterns best of all but there are so  many more crochet magazine back issues that you can choose from. If you are looking for a crochet magazine free, you should find a lot of crochet pattern books and free crochet e-books besides the crochet today free patterns, Japanese crochet patterns  and crochet world free patterns and a whole lot of other free crochet pattern books. To download all the books and magazines below, learn how to login to Picasa here.

List of  Crochet Magazines Free:
1000 Mailles
200 Crochet Blocks
500 Modes crochet
Anchor Elegant Pineapple Lace
Arte de Bordar Criche
Arte facil croche
Bead Crochet
Beaded Crochet Designs
Croche Almofadas
Croche de File
Croche Flores
Croche Ganchillo
Croche Toalinhas
Croche todo para Navidad
Crochet & Tricot
Crochet Bouquet
Crochet Calados
Crochet Edging Briad
Crochet Irlandais
Crochet Jewelry
Crochet Lace Asahi
Crochet Me 
Crochet Monthly Magazine
Crochet n More  
Crochet Noah's Ark
Crochet paso a paso
Crochet Revista
Crochet Rose Pattern
Crochet Shrugs
Crochet Swim suits
Crochet Today Magazine
Crochet with Beads
Crochet with Wire
Crochet World Magazine
Crocheted Scarves
Crocheted Scarves Two
Croheting School
Cuddly Crochet
Cursillo de Ganchillo
Decorative Crochet Magazine
Diana Creativ
Diana Robotki
Diana's Crochet Collection
Diana's Filet Crochet
Filet au Croche
Ganchillo Artistico
Ganchillo y Croche
Irish Crochet Jewelry
Knit & Crochet with Beads
Knit and Crochet Books
Knitted & Crochet Afghans
Kooky Crochet
Lacework Pineapple Pattern
Little things thread crochet
Magic Crochet Magazine
Miniatures au crochet
Moda Croche
Moje Robotki
New ideas for Crochet
Objetos en crochet
Ondori Crochet Books 
Ondori Crochet Lace
Ondori Doily
Para Ti Crochet
Para to Flores
Ponto de Cruz Croche
Rankdarbiu Kraitele
Readyset Crochet
Russian Crochet
Tejidos paso a paso
The Big Book of Weekend Crochet
Thread Crochet
Trabalhos em Barbantes
Trico e Croche
Wielkanocne dekoracje


  1. HI I am trying got find the crochet pattern for a pair of gloves in magic crochet issue no 31. Can you tell me how best to do this..... many thanks

  2. Find the issue here :

  3. Wich one is the magazin with the yellow flower bag?


    1. Hi Linda, You can find the pattern for the yellow crochet bag here:

  4. Where is the pattern with the swans doily

    1. You can find the free crochet pattern for the swans doily here :

    2. I am looking for the pattern a walk in the woods afghan crochet

  5. Hi i was looking for the pattern a walk in the woods afghan crochet

    1. Is this afghan pattern you are talking about from a Magic crochet issue? If you could tell me the magazine no. it would be easier. Sorry I missed to reply earlier.

  6. You wonderful person!!! I had a collection of over 40
    Magic Crochet magazines and they got lost when
    I had to move. I think I made almost every doiley
    they published. I loved that magazine and the way
    they charted the patterns instead of writing it out.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

    1. Glad my blog has been useful to you although Picasa has changed some things ever since I wrote these posts in 2008.

  7. I'm looking for a particular issue of the magazine and can't find it now since you said they changed things around. Can I get it from you if you happen to have it? ? My email is thank you so much.

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. Which issue of Magic crochet magazine are you looking for? I have them all except for 100 & 101.

    2. Marulu, please, could you send me the link for your posts for Magic Crochet from #52? I cannot find it!!!
      Thank you so much Romi

  8. Hi, is there any chance that you can add information to those crochet magazine for example:

    Crochet Magic - Visual patterns.

    Sine you know the magazines and well, others don't, I can't read a pattern, but I can follow a visual pattern.

    Thanks !!!

    Sorry I had to publish as anonymous, I don't have any of the accounts that they are asking for, in order to post.


    1. Check the links that I have mentioned in the comments above.

  9. I am looking for crochet egg covers done in thread...I have a couple but would like a couple more. If you can help I would be so grateful.
    Thank You.

    1. Hi. Sorry for the delay in replying. You will find some egg cozy designs in Magic crochet no. 42. Get it here : Hope that helps.

  10. Thank you for all the information on how to download these magazines and the list of one's available!! A great blog!

  11. Looking for a pattern for the oval tablecloth in the may 1995 no.96 edition

  12. i am looking for a doily pattern called super star, it is used in making this dress

  13. Looking
    For the pattern of roses n butterfly's in book 59 ?? Thanks so much

  14. Looking for pattern from book 59 table runner with roses n butterflies

  15. I manage to download the older issues of Magic Crochet from #1-94. Is there anyway you can provide me the link for the rest of the issues, especially #112. Thanks so much for your help.

  16. Tried to download Picasa but it is no longer available. Keeps taking me to Google Photo?? When I try to open a magazine it only gives me the cover??

    1. Try some of the links I have mentioned in my comments here. You can download entire crochet books.

  17. I am trying to find a pattern for a flower motif from Magic crochet issue 19. Can you help?

  18. I am trying to find a pattern for a flower motif from Magic crochet issue 19. Can you help?

    1. Find it here :

  19. Hi..
    I am trying to find a crochet pattern called as "Dinner At Eight" designed by Colette Beiline. Can you help Me? I hope you have the pattern in your collection.
    Thank you so much...

  20. please help I'm a beginner and looking for granny square patterns.

  21. I am looking for afghan patterns for twin, double ,queen and king size bed,thank you darlene at

  22. I am looking for afghan patterns for a twin,double , queen , and king size beds,please especially queen and king


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