Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Crochet Swan Pattern

Many years ago, my mother saw a crochet swan doily that someone had made but they told her that they had just done it without having any crochet swan doily pattern to follow. The necks of the swans were just stumps not like the graceful necks in the crochet swan centerpiece that you get today. My mother managed to make the crochet swan without having any crochet swan pattern but everybody really admired it.

When my father's cousin returned from the U.K. after a visit there, she brought my mother a copy of the crochet swan symphony or crochet swansea. It was really beautiful and my mother made and gifted a lot of these although this was not a free crochet swan pattern. Some years back I discovered how to get picasa crochet patterns and at this time I was able to download a swan crochet pattern free and this one had crochet swans with wings. You have the four swans crochet centerpiece and the six swan crochet centerpiece and all for free. You will even find a free crochet swan basket in which to put your trinkets or candy.  

If you want to learn how to crochet swan or crochet swan tea cosy then you have indeed come to the right place. You can crochet swans in love and you can use these to hold the wedding rings in the church.You can also  make a crochet swan toy, bella swan crochet hat by making use of the crochet swan doily

Besides you can get free crochet patterns for swan doilies here:
(2) Swan Symphony Doilies : here you will get free instructions for Four Swan Crochet Doily as well as Six Swan Crochet Doily.

You can download more free crochet magazines  like Magic Crochet magazines here. Have fun!
If you do not know how to login to Picasa, visit here.

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