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Free Crochet Curtain Patterns

It can be a really lovely  experience to make your  windows look lovely by crocheting curtains or using crocheted valences. If you are not very sure about how to crochet curtains, then there are plenty of resources available on the Net with which you can decorate your home so that it looks really beautiful. Right from crochet doily patterns to other decorations like easy crochet tablecloth patterns, crochet blanket patterns and  quick and easy afghan patterns,  the crochet curtain patterns can be easily obtained by downloading crochet magazines like the Crochet Monthly magazine, Magic Crochet magazine, Decorative Crochet magazine and others for free. 

Each of these free crochet magazines have many crochet curtains free pattern for you to select from. Or if you would rather have crochet valances, then these too would be easily available; in fact there are so many crochet curtains free pattern and free patterns crochet valence that you will have a tough time selecting one from so many really good crochet patterns. There are plenty of Picasa crochet web albums that you can download for free; to learn more about how to get free crochet patterns or free crochet books, read about it here.

Free Crochet Patterns for Tablecloths

Once you are done with the beginner crochet stitches and moved on to the advanced crochet stitches, you can move from beginners crochet patterns free to the  free crochet bedspread patterns, crochet curtain pattern and other decorative crochet patterns for the home.

Crochet tablecloths are a great way to add loveliness and style to your tables, but it needs a lot more than just easy machine washing to maintain them and keep them looking forever beautiful. You can buy brand new ones from the stores that deal in in crochet table cloths or you can make them yourself by making use of some of the free crochet patterns for tablecloths that you can download from the Internet. Whether you choose to buy the crocheted tablecloths or make use of the tablecloth crochet patterns you have to take good care of them.

Considering the amount of time you would spend on making one, I am sure your heart would break if it were to get a stain or some such problem. It is recommended that you hand wash your  crochet round tablecloth rather than machine wash it if you want it to retain its shape and sheen. Also, don;t use any harsh detergent but try to use some mild liquid soap whenever you need to wash it. If you prefer, you might like to get your crocheted tablecloth dry cleaned.

If you already know how to crochet then there is no reason why you should not crochet a tablecloth yourself; choose from many crochet patterns for tablecloths that you can download online whether it is a  round crochet tablecloth, a square crochet tablecloth or a  rectangular crochet tablecloth that you are looking for.
When you wash the crochet table cloth, make sure that you do not wring it but let it drip dry. Free crochet patterns tablecloths are available in hundreds and a little search will let you find exactly what you are looking for. You can find easy crochet table cloth patterns for beginners as also crochet tablecloth patterns for those looking for more advanced crochet projects but you are sure to find the exact kind of  crocheted tablecloth patterns that would be exactly suitable not only to your tastes but also to your level of crocheting. You can check out the kind of crochet supplies that you need and can buy here.

Crochet Supplies Online

If you are new to crochet and are ready to start on your beginner crochet projects then you might be looking for crochet materials online in order to get  hooked on crochet. There are quite a few crochet thread suppliers online that deal with a variety of  coats and clark cotton crochet thread, crochet needle sets, crochet kits and plenty of other crochet tools like the circular crochet hooks.

The crochet needles come in a range of  crochet hook sizes and you can buy them in crochet hook sets or even in singles depending on which crocheting yarn you will be working with. The lower the number of the crochet hook the fatter it will be and accordingly you have to use  thicker crochet yarns with it. For finer  cotton crochet thread, you will have to  make use of a  crochet needle that has a higher number. If you buy crochet hook sets then you will have a range of crochet hooks to choose from depending on the various crochet yarn types that you decide to work with. Worth mentioning is the double ended crochet hook which has two sizes in the same crochet needle.

Crochet yarn suppliers sell Red Heart thread, Coats and Clark crochet cotton, Modi as we get here in India, lion brand yarn, silk crochet thread, nylon crochet thread, crochet wool, crochet nylon thread and a whole lot of other kinds of  yarn for crocheting. Crochet thread sizes come in numbers 10,20,40 and so on. As the number increases, the thread gets finer, just like the crochet needles.  

The Boye crochet hooks come in a wide variety to suit various kinds of crochet threads that you might be working with. If you buy the  crochet hooks sets they normally come in a crochet hook case but even if yours do not come in one, you can purchase it separately. Buy crochet hooks sizes varying from 2mm to 10mm and you should be well equipped to take on a variety of  baby crochet projects or any other handmade crochet that you can think of.

The crochet needle sizes that you buy have to match the crochet string that you work with but whether you choose from plastic crochet hooks,  wooden crochet hooks or  steel crochet hooks is entirely up to your individual tastes and preferences. Some people simply prefer the wood crochet hooks that are made from rosewood. You can make use of the afghan crochet hook to work out the baby afghan crochet patterns free and the work that you create will be simply amazing.

If you are just a crochet beginner and are following  basic crochet instructions and you must buy crochet hooks start by buying a single crochet hook to work and to match the cotton crochet yarn till you realize that you would like to continue with the art of crochet. Once you master the art of crochet, you can buy a lot of colors of cotton crochet yarn or crochet cotton thread depending on the beginner crochet projects that you might choose whether it is free patterns crochet clothes for women that you choose or crochet baby layette patterns.

 Besides these crochet accessories that we have already mentioned above, you can also buy a crochet organizer in which to keep all your crochet needles sizes, crocheting thread and other crocheting supplies. The online yarn business is slowly but surely picking up and you will find many a yarn company which has setup shop on the Internet selling cheap yarn crochet at very reasonable prices..

Fort those who would rather not do handmade crochet, there are the crochet machines like the crochet looms. They say the crocheting machine is pretty effective but I haven't tried it out and I would rather stick to handmade crochet.

Basic Crocheting : Beginners Crochet Instructions

If you are interested in  learning to crochet or aprender crochet as they say in Spanish, then this is the place for you. There is no need to attend a crochet course or crochet classes when you can get free how to crochet instructions on the Net. In fact any of the crochet magazines like Magic Crochet and Decorative Crochet provide you with beginner crochet instructions which you can follow with the utmost of ease.To start with, you can crochet easy patterns and as you pick up the crochet basics and master the crochet art you can graduate from the crochet easy patterns to the gourmet crochet  free patterns.
 Learn to Crochet for Free

 Learn How to Crochet
Today, with the Internet, you have access to a lot of free crochet blogs and free crochet websites where you can get an amazing variety of  free and easy crochet patterns no matter if you are searching for  lionbrand free crochet patterns,  designer crochet patterns, e crochet patterns,coats and clark crochet patterns,  annies attic free crochet patterns, or any other easy free crochet patterns for beginners that you might be looking for. These free crochet sites like this crochet website or rather this crochet blog  are all you need to be on your way to make the best crochet blouses,  crochet caps,  christmas crochet like the gourmet crochet amigurumi nativity pattern, beginner crochet afghans, crochet bikinis, crochet wire jewelry, crochet valances and even  crochet for dogs.  

Red Heart Crochet Patterns

Below you will find some redheart crochet patterns that my mother and me have used for crochet doilies.
 Red Heart Yarn Patterns
Red Heart Crochet Patterns

It is an easy to work with crochet thread or crochet yarn as some people call it and I have even made crochet blouses, crochet bookmarks besides crocheted doilies with Red Heart thread.
It is ideal even for beginners crochet and there are plenty of colors available in it. You can use it for all kinds of  handmade crochet without any problem.To learn more on how to get these patterns and more, click here.

Decorative Crochet Magazine Patterns

If you ever had a Decorative Crochet Magazine subscription, you will know that you can get quite a lot of beautiful crochet patterns in them. It is one of the free crochet magazines that you can download by way of Picasa crochet patterns. If you would like to download crochet picasa web albums and do not know how to install picasa, read the instructions here.

I have downloaded Decorative Crochet No. 1 to Decorative Crochet No. 104 with a few numbers missing in between. I have been able to get quite a lot of free crochet patterns this way whether it is afghan crochet patterns for beginners,amigurumi crochet patterns free, crochet angel patterns,  crochet baby hat patterns, animal crochet patterns, free crochet applique patterns, baby crochet projects, crochet jewelry patterns, baby afghan patterns crochet free, crochet baby beanies,  crochet patterns for baby booties,  baby cocoon crochet pattern,  crochet purse patterns, beaded crochet, crocheted bedspreads, beginner scarf crochet patterns, crochet tank top, free butterfly crochet patterns, free easy crochet cardigan patterns, crochet Christmas patterns, crochet jacket patterns free, crochet patterns for dishcloths, free crochet doll patterns,  free crochet edging patterns,crochet flowers instructions,  granny square crochet patterns,  crochet hair accessories and just about any other patterns for crocheting that you can think of.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Free Baby Dress Crochet Patterns

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Free Crochet Baby Dress Patterns
Free Baby Dress Crochet Patterns
If you have been looking for free baby dress crochet patterns there are plenty of  free crochet baby patterns for you to choose from no matter if it is  free crochet pattern baby booties,  beginner crochet baby blanket patterns or baby beanie patterns that you might be looking for.

Below you will find pictures of some of the free crochet patterns for baby dresses that I have downloaded.

All you have to do is know how to install Picasa and then know how to login to Picasa to be able to download all these free crochet patterns for babies like baby afghan patterns, free crochet pattern for baby booties, crochet christening gown, crochet pattern baby cocoon, crochet newborn hats; in fact you can get an innumerable number of crochet baby layette free patterns.

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Crochet Baby Dress Pattern Free

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Crochet Baby Dress Free Pattern

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Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Dresses

Monday, January 23, 2012

Free Crochet Daisy Doily Pattern

Free Crochet Daisy Doily Pattern
Crochet Daisy Doily
 Materials: 1 ball Coats Mercer Crochet No. 20 (20 gms), green; 1 ball each of two contrasting colors like yellow and white; steel crochet hook o. 3 (slack workers could use a No. 3.5 hook and tight workers a no. 2.5

Tension: First 2 rows: 0.75 inch diameter.

Measurements : 9 inch diameter.

Centre: With green, commence with 8 ch., join with a s.s. to form a ring. (My mother use white for the center as you can see in the picture and green just for the stalks)
Row 1: 3 ch., 15 tr, into ring, join with 1 s.s. into 3rd of 3 ch.
Row 2: 4 ch., 1 tr. Into same place as s.s., * 2 ch., miss 1 tr., 1 tr. 1 ch. and 1 tr. Into next tr.; repeat from * six times more, 2 ch., 1 s.s. into 3rd of 4 ch.
Row 3: * 13 ch., 1 tr. into 6th ch. sp., 2 d.c. into next sp., 1 s.s. into next tr.; rep. from * 7 times more, working last s.s. into s.s of previous row. Fasten off. (8 spokes).
Row 4: Attach thread to loop on end of any spoke, 4 d.c. into same loop, * 10 ch., 4 d.c. into loop at end of next spoke; rep. from * 6 times more, 10 ch., 1 s.s. into first d.c.
Row 5: 1 d.c. into same place as last s.s., 1 d.c. into each of next 3 d.c., * 10 d.c. into next sp., 1 d.c. into each of next 4 d.c. ; repeat from * 6 times more. 10 d.c. into next sp., 1 s.s. into first d.c. into each of next 4 d.c., repeat from * 6 times more. 10 d.c. into next sp., 1 s.s. into first d.c.
Row 6: 1 d.c. into same place as last s.s., * 4 ch., miss 1 d.c., 1 d.c. into next d.c.; rep. from * ending with 2 ch., 1 tr. Into tr. of previous row.
Row s 7 to 9: * 4 ch., 1 d.c. into next loop; rep. from * ending with 2 ch., 1 tr. Into tr. of previous row.
Row 10: 4 ch.,1 dbl.tr. into next loop, * 7 ch., 1 dbl. tr. Into each of next two loops, leaving the last loop of each on hook, thread over and draw through all loops on hook, thread over and draw through all loops on hook (a joint dbl. tr. Made); rep. from * 26 times more, 7 ch., 1 s.s. into first dbl. tr.
Row 11: 1 s.s. into first sp., 8 d.c. into same sp., * 14 ch., 1 tr. Into 6th chain from hook and into each ch., across, 8 d.c. into next sp.; rep. from * 26 times more, 14 ch., 1 tr. Into 6th ch. from hook and into each ch. across, 1 s.s. into first d.c. (28 spokes). Fasten off.

FIRST FLOWER: With yellow, commence with 4 ch.
Row 1: 15 tr. into 4th ch. from hook, 1 s.s. into 4th of 4 ch.
Row 2: 1 d.c. into same place as s.s., * 5 ch., 1 d.c. into front half of next tr.; rep. from * ending with 5 ch., 1 s.s. into front half of first d.c.
Row 3: 1 d.c. into same place as s.s., 1 d.c. into back half of each tr. On first row, 1 s.s. into first d.c. (16 d.c.). Fasten off.
Row 4: With White, attach thread to any d.c., * 10 ch., 1 d.c. into 6th ch. from hook and into each ch. across. 1 s.s. into each of next 2 d.c.; rep. from * 7 times more. (8 spokes). Fasten off.
Row 5: Attach thread to loop on end of any spoke, 3 ch., 10 tr. Into same loop, 6 tr. Into loop on end of next spoke, 1 s.s. into loop on end of next spoke on centre, 5 tr. Into same loop on flower, 11 tr. Into each of rem. 5 spokes, 1 s.s. into 3rd of 3 ch. Fasten off.

SECOND FLOWER: Work as for first flower until 4th row has been completed.
Row 5: With white, attach thread to loop on an end of any spoke, 3 ch., 10 tr. into same loop, 6 tr. into loop on end of next spoke, 1 s.s. into corresponding tr. On scallop following last joining on first flower, 5 tr. into same loop on second flower and complete row as for first flower, joining next two scallops to next two spokes on centre as before. Make 12 more flowers, joining each to previous flower and to center in the same manner, join last flower to corresponding scallop on first flower.

CENTRE (make 14): With 2nd contrasting color, commence with 2 ch.
Row 1: 15 d.c. into 2nd ch. from hook, 1 s.s. into 2nd of 2 ch. Fasten off. Sew a centre to each flower. Starch lightly and press.

For more Picasa web crochet designs, learn how to install Picasa and how to login to Picasa and keep downloading loads and loads of free crochet designs.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Crochet Swan Pattern

Many years ago, my mother saw a crochet swan doily that someone had made but they told her that they had just done it without having any crochet swan doily pattern to follow. The necks of the swans were just stumps not like the graceful necks in the crochet swan centerpiece that you get today. My mother managed to make the crochet swan without having any crochet swan pattern but everybody really admired it.

When my father's cousin returned from the U.K. after a visit there, she brought my mother a copy of the crochet swan symphony or crochet swansea. It was really beautiful and my mother made and gifted a lot of these although this was not a free crochet swan pattern. Some years back I discovered how to get picasa crochet patterns and at this time I was able to download a swan crochet pattern free and this one had crochet swans with wings. You have the four swans crochet centerpiece and the six swan crochet centerpiece and all for free. You will even find a free crochet swan basket in which to put your trinkets or candy.  

If you want to learn how to crochet swan or crochet swan tea cosy then you have indeed come to the right place. You can crochet swans in love and you can use these to hold the wedding rings in the church.You can also  make a crochet swan toy, bella swan crochet hat by making use of the crochet swan doily

Besides you can get free crochet patterns for swan doilies here:
(2) Swan Symphony Doilies : here you will get free instructions for Four Swan Crochet Doily as well as Six Swan Crochet Doily.

You can download more free crochet magazines  like Magic Crochet magazines here. Have fun!
If you do not know how to login to Picasa, visit here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Magic Crochet Patterns

If you are looking for Magic Crochet Patterns there are plenty of them that  you can choose from and all for free. I don;t know exactly how many issues there are really but I have successfully got Magic Crochet magazine free download for the following and have got a wide variety of Magic Crochet magazine patterns whether it is the Magic Crochet ring, the Magic Crochet hair bands, Magic Crochet potholder patterns, Magic Crochet rast afri or any other Magic Crochet pattern that you might be looking to download for free.

I have added the following Magic Crochet magazines to my crochet magazines collection. If you are looking for crochet magazines free download, check out this  crochet magazines list  and get  free picasa crochet patterns by using the instructions here. You can get many a crochet book free download this way.

Magic Crochet No 1
Magic Crochet No 2
Magic Crochet No 4
Magic Crochet No 5
Magic Crochet No 6
Magic Crochet No 7
Magic Crochet No 8
Magic Crochet No 10
Magic Crochet No 11
Magic Crochet No 12
Magic Crochet No 13
Magic Crochet No 14
Magic Crochet No 15
Magic Crochet No 16
Magic Crochet No 17
Magic Crochet No 18
Magic Crochet No 19
Magic Crochet No 20
Magic Crochet No 21
Magic Crochet No 22
Magic Crochet No 23
Magic Crochet No 24
Magic Crochet No 25
Magic Crochet No 26
Magic Crochet No 27
Magic Crochet No 28
Magic Crochet No 29
Magic Crochet No 30
Magic Crochet No 31
Magic Crochet No 32
Magic Crochet No 33
Magic Crochet No 34
Magic Crochet No 35
Magic Crochet No 36
Magic Crochet No 37
Magic Crochet No 38
Magic Crochet No 39
Magic Crochet No 40
Magic Crochet No 41
Magic Crochet No 42
Magic Crochet No 43
Magic Crochet No 44
Magic Crochet No 45
Magic Crochet No 46
Magic Crochet No 47
Magic Crochet No 48
Magic Crochet No 49
Magic Crochet No 50
Magic Crochet No 51
Magic Crochet No 52
Magic Crochet No 53
Magic Crochet No 54
Magic Crochet No 55
Magic Crochet No 56
Magic Crochet No 57
Magic Crochet No 58
Magic Crochet No 59
Magic Crochet No 60
Magic Crochet No 61
Magic Crochet No 62
Magic Crochet No 63
Magic Crochet No 64
Magic Crochet No 65
Magic Crochet No 66
Magic Crochet No 67
Magic Crochet No 68
Magic Crochet No 69
Magic Crochet No 70
Magic Crochet No 71
Magic Crochet No 72
Magic Crochet No 73
Magic Crochet No 74
Magic Crochet No 75
Magic Crochet No 76
Magic Crochet No 77
Magic Crochet No 78
Magic Crochet No 79
Magic Crochet No 80
Magic Crochet No 81
Magic Crochet No 82
Magic Crochet No 83
Magic Crochet No 84
Magic Crochet No 85
Magic Crochet No 86
Magic Crochet No 87
Magic Crochet No 88
Magic Crochet No 89
Magic Crochet No 90
Magic Crochet No 91
Magic Crochet No 92
Magic Crochet No 93
Magic Crochet No 94
Magic Crochet No 95
Magic Crochet No 96
Magic Crochet No 97
Magic Crochet No 98
Magic Crochet No 99
Magic Crochet No 100
Magic Crochet No 101
Magic Crochet No 102
Magic Crochet No 103
Magic Crochet No 104
Magic Crochet No 105
Magic Crochet No 106
Magic Crochet No 107
Magic Crochet No 108
Magic Crochet No 109
Magic Crochet No 110
Magic Crochet No 111
Magic Crochet No 112
Magic Crochet No 113
Magic Crochet No 114
Magic Crochet No 115
Magic Crochet No 116
Magic Crochet No 117
Magic Crochet No 118
Magic Crochet No 119
Magic Crochet No 120
Magic Crochet No 121
Magic Crochet No 122
Magic Crochet No 123
Magic Crochet No 124
Magic Crochet No 125
Magic Crochet No 126
Magic Crochet No 127
Magic Crochet No 128
Magic Crochet No 129
Magic Crochet No 130
Magic Crochet No 131
Magic Crochet No 132
Magic Crochet No 133
Magic Crochet No 134
Magic Crochet No 135
Magic Crochet No 136
Magic Crochet No 137
Magic Crochet No 138
Magic Crochet No 139
Magic Crochet No 140
Magic Crochet No 141
Magic Crochet No 142
Magic Crochet No 143
Magic Crochet No 144
Magic Crochet No 145
Magic Crochet No 146
Magic Crochet No 147
Magic Crochet No 148
Magic Crochet No 149
Magic Crochet No 150
Magic Crochet No 151
Magic Crochet No 152
Magic Crochet No 153
Magic Crochet No 154
Magic Crochet No 155

Crochet Magazines Free Download

If you have been looking for free crochet magazines download, there are plenty of them for you to choose from whether it is the Magic Crochet magazine free download, Decorative Crochet magazine, Diana's crochet collection or any other.Below you will find an exhaustive crochet magazines list of the kind of free crochet books that you can download.

Just put one of the following words or group of words in Picasa when you search; instructions are available here regarding crochet magazines free download or  picasa crochet patterns and pattern crochet picasa as some people call them. Of all the  picasa crochet patterns, I like Magic Crochet patterns and Decorative Crochet patterns best of all but there are so  many more crochet magazine back issues that you can choose from. If you are looking for a crochet magazine free, you should find a lot of crochet pattern books and free crochet e-books besides the crochet today free patterns, Japanese crochet patterns  and crochet world free patterns and a whole lot of other free crochet pattern books. To download all the books and magazines below, learn how to login to Picasa here.

List of  Crochet Magazines Free:
1000 Mailles
200 Crochet Blocks
500 Modes crochet
Anchor Elegant Pineapple Lace
Arte de Bordar Criche
Arte facil croche
Bead Crochet
Beaded Crochet Designs
Croche Almofadas
Croche de File
Croche Flores
Croche Ganchillo
Croche Toalinhas
Croche todo para Navidad
Crochet & Tricot
Crochet Bouquet
Crochet Calados
Crochet Edging Briad
Crochet Irlandais
Crochet Jewelry
Crochet Lace Asahi
Crochet Me 
Crochet Monthly Magazine
Crochet n More  
Crochet Noah's Ark
Crochet paso a paso
Crochet Revista
Crochet Rose Pattern
Crochet Shrugs
Crochet Swim suits
Crochet Today Magazine
Crochet with Beads
Crochet with Wire
Crochet World Magazine
Crocheted Scarves
Crocheted Scarves Two
Croheting School
Cuddly Crochet
Cursillo de Ganchillo
Decorative Crochet Magazine
Diana Creativ
Diana Robotki
Diana's Crochet Collection
Diana's Filet Crochet
Filet au Croche
Ganchillo Artistico
Ganchillo y Croche
Irish Crochet Jewelry
Knit & Crochet with Beads
Knit and Crochet Books
Knitted & Crochet Afghans
Kooky Crochet
Lacework Pineapple Pattern
Little things thread crochet
Magic Crochet Magazine
Miniatures au crochet
Moda Croche
Moje Robotki
New ideas for Crochet
Objetos en crochet
Ondori Crochet Books 
Ondori Crochet Lace
Ondori Doily
Para Ti Crochet
Para to Flores
Ponto de Cruz Croche
Rankdarbiu Kraitele
Readyset Crochet
Russian Crochet
Tejidos paso a paso
The Big Book of Weekend Crochet
Thread Crochet
Trabalhos em Barbantes
Trico e Croche
Wielkanocne dekoracje

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Learn Crochet Stitches

Crochet is a process in which a kind of cloth is shaped by making use of yarn or thread and a crochet hook. Crochet is very much like knitting as in both loops of yarn are drawn through more loops. The sole difference is that only one loop is utilized at a given point in time and a crochet hook is utilized in place of the knitting needles. Crochet has been around for a lot many years and an increasingly large number of designs are shaped through experimenting over time. Today, crochet is utilized to make items of clothing, scarves, blankets, home decoration and bikinis even.

Crochet is extremely easy to learn and there are many differences as compared to the main techniques. These crochet stitches are made on a string of loops known as chains. The stitches can be worked unaccompanied or combined to shape designs. The chief stitches in crochet are:
1. Chain - string of loops
2. Slip stitch
3. Single crochet
4. Half-double crochet
5. Double crochet
6. Treble
7. Double treble
8. Triple treble
If you want to learn how to crochet, the materials you will need are a Crochet hook
and some Crochet yarn or crochet thread like knitting cotton, mercer crochet or various thicknesses of wool depending on what project you are making.

Crochet instructions:

1. Hold the crochet hook flanked between your thumb and your index finger like you are holding a pen or a pencil making sure that your thumb rests on the flat portion on the crochet needle.
2. Now create a crochet chain. To create this, create a slip-knot surrounding the crochet hook. Wrap the thread surrounding the hook and draw it through the loop you shaped in the knot. The thread is now wrapped around the crochet hook.
3. Draw one more loop through that loop and do it again until you have shaped many loops and are able to hold the thread fairly firm, not too loose and not too tight.
4. Next try your hand at single crochet. To create this, hold the chain and put the crochet hook into the second chain from the crochet hook.
5. Bring the thread over the crochet hook like you did when you were creating the chain and pull it through the chain that you put the crochet hook into. You should now have two loops on your hook.
6. Wrap the thread around the hook and pull it through the two loops on the crochet hook to make the single crochet.
7. To make the following stitch, put the crochet hook once more, this time into the subsequent chain on the row of chains and repeat the precise instructions at steps 5 and 6.
8. Repeat until you arrive at the end of the row where you must now shape a chain so as to start row 2. This chain is known as the turning chain.
9. Turn your work done so far so that the row you just finished is facing you. Put the crochet hook below the two top loops closest to it.
10. Thread over and draw the loop through to create two loops on the hook.
11. Bring the thread over the crochet hook and draw through once more. Repeat till you have reached the end of the row and repeat till you are confident with this stitch and are ready to go on to a variety of other crochet stitches.

If you want to learn crochet and are looking for crochet for beginners, you can also check the free crochet instructions to learn crochet here.

Free Crochet Patterns

Crochet is a wonderfully calming kind of activity that is found to be a lot of fun by plenty of people and more so women. One can make plenty of things by making use of free crochet patterns whether it is crochet bags, crochet flowers, crochet purses, crochet cell phone holders, crochet curtains, crochet tablecloths, crochet doilies, crochet swan tea cozy, crochet swan basket or just a crochet swan doily.

You can utilize the customary stitch, but in order to make your artwork extra fascinating, you can also utilize unusual crochet patterns. There are a plenty of them that you can select from; picasa crochet is one place people resort to in order to get some really beautiful free crochet patterns. There are plenty of crochet patterns and crochet books that you can purchase off the Net but then why would anybody want to buy when they can get them for free?

There are a plenty of sites that you can visit for free crochet patterns. The Internet is a terrific place where you can obtain plenty of ideas regarding crochet patterns. You might also order your crochet materials online if you are in need of them like crochet hooks and crochet thread.

You can choose from free crochet patterns with instructions like filet crochet patterns, crochet basics, crochet for beginners, crochet edging patterns, crochet stitches, crochet bag patterns, crochet tablecloth patterns, crochet sweater patterns for children, free crochet doily patterns and any other kind of free patterns for crochet that you might be looking for.

Once you have decided on the type of design you would like, you can begin with your creation; you can start making it almost immediately. All you need is some yarn and a crochet hook. It is a very cheap hobby actually and you can derive a lot of pleasure from the masterpiece that you will create. Crochet is such a magnificent pastime that you can do it even while speaking to your friends, sipping a mug of coffee, or watching your favorite television soap. The procedure is quite repetitive and you actually do not require you to put in plenty of mental activity while carrying out the task. All you need is to choose from one of the free crochet patterns, a crochet hook and some crochet yarn.

To get you started you need to know a few basic stitches like the chain, single crochet and double crochet. The UK double crochet (DC) is equivalent to the US single crochet (SC) and the UK treble crochet (TR) is equivalent to the US double crochet (DC). Just keep this in mind whenever you select a pattern because these stitches will vary depending on whether it is from the U.K. or the U.S. But normally whenever you download free crochet patterns, the basic stitches are explained therein, more so when you download free crochet books.

There are plenty of free crochet patterns that you can choose from and no matter what you might be looking for you are sure to find them whether it is crochet butterflies, crochet chair backs, crochet blouses, crochet afghans, crochet blankets, crochet hat patterns or even crochet bikinis. Learn how to get free crochet patterns here!

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