Saturday, November 2, 2013

Crochet Angel Christmas Ornament

Free crochet pattern for angel ornament
Angel Ornaments free crochet pattern

I first made these pretty crochet angel ornaments way back in 2007 when I found this free angel pattern on the Net here. I made quite a few then and sold some. Every time I make some of these Christmas angel ornaments some good friends visit at Christmas and they get given away. Recently I made two of these Christmas angels for a friend and she was simply thrilled. For now, I do not have any for our home so before Christmas comes round I have to make a couple of these pretty crochet Christmas angels for ourselves. I take about 4 hours to makes each of these crochet angels, it is the head part of this crochet angel pattern that gets to you but when you are done with it you go through the rest of the free angel ornament pattern like a breeze. Enjoy making your Christmas crochet angels and have a Merry Christmas! You may check out our other Christmas decor patterns or Christmas ornament patterns or just Christmas angels.


  1. I just want the pattern. I am getting very frustrated trying to find it.

    1. You just have to read the text and click on the word "here" in the first sentence to get the free pattern for the crochet angel ornament.

  2. The same here. I just want the pattern. Why do these websites make it so that you never get there.

  3. Darling, all you need to do is read the text and also read the blog owner's reply to another visitor's comment. Looks like some people simply need everything put right into their mouths!! Let me know if you still don;t find it. I found it without any problem at all.

  4. Ok was hopping someone can help. Not understanding the wings and where ot place. The only rd with ch1 sp is 13. Rd 12 is with ch3 tia for all help. Please note this is new to me so don't be harsh.

  5. Need help is where to place the first rd of the wings. It is got me lost because rd 12 is ch3 sp round 11 ch2 sp and round 13 is ch1 sp. I am I suppose to go from rd 11 to rd 13? Please help me understand tia.

  6. Got mine. Clicked on word "here". Clicked on download pdf, and boom, its on my comp, Thank you :)

  7. Purtroppo non riesco a scaricare il free pattern...

  8. Purtroppo non riesco a scaricare i free patterns angels


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