Sunday, January 11, 2015

Free crochet snowflake patterns

I had made quite a few crochet snowflake Christmas tree ornaments some years back and I had posted a picture of our Christmas tree on our Facebook page at Joli.Creations. I got some orders for the crochet snowflakes that were seen in the picture but then I could not even remember which of the free crochet snowflake patterns I had used. So I thought I would post about them so that it would be easier not only for me to find the free snowflake crochet designs but also for all my followers and readers.
Free crochet patterns for snowflake Christmas tree ornaments
I made all these for the customer and she was oh so pleased. If you would like to see all my posts on crochet snowflakes, click here: snowflakes or you might want to access them individually, he links are provided below:

White Snowflake Christmas Ornament

White snowflake Christmas Ornament
I have made quite a few snowflakes already by making use of the free crochet patterns for snowflakes. Here is yet another free pattern for snowflakeChristmas tree ornament. Get the pattern for this pretty snowflake right here.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Star Christmas Tree Ornament

Star Christmas Tree Ornament Free Pattern
I have made a whole lot of snowflakes already and for  change this is a star Christmas tree ornament in crochet. I pulled the points stiff while starching to get this pointed effect or you could leave it rounded if you chose to. I found this design on a quaint blog here. Have fun making it; it's pretty easy.

Free snowflake crochet pattern

Snowflake free crochet pattern
There are so many free snowflake patterns on the Net to try out that I will never be able to finish making them all! I simply have to choose from the so many that I find. I have starched this one a bit differently from the original snowflake design so it does look a wee bit different. You can find the snowflake crochet design right here.

Yet another snowflake design

Snowflake free crochet pattern
I got this pretty snowflake pattern from a Dutch blog; there are even more snowflake patterns there but I liked the first one. The original design there has 6 points but I made a mistake at the beginning and ended up with 5 points instead! Anyway, mine doesn't look too bad. You will get the free crochet snowflake pattern right here.

Another Snowflake crochet pattern

Another free crochet snowflake pattern
After trying out so many snowflakes, I have found that this is a pretty one too. I think I could have taken better care while starching it though especially at the center; it has turned a little lopsided. This one measures about 3" when measured from a point to opposite point.You can get this free crochet snowflake pattern here.

Snowflake A free pattern

Pretty snowflake crochet pattern free
I have made some other snowflakes already and this is another I have added to my collection. It is approximately 3" in size and looks quite pretty and dainty. If you are looking for the free pattern for the snowflake, you can find it here. There are actually three snowflake patterns there but the one I tried is Snowflake A.

Pretty snowflake pattern

I have been making a lot of snowflakes of late and looking at a whole lot of different free crochet patterns for Christmas tree ornaments. This pretty snowflake works out to be 3" x 3" but if you are looking for a smaller snowflake then you can still use the same free crochet pattern but stop after a couple of rows to get a smaller size like 1.5" x 1.5". Get the free snowflake pattern here.

Pretty Snowflake free crochet pattern
Small crochet snowflake free pattern

Snowflake crochet pattern free

Snowflake ornaments in crochet look really pretty on the Christmas tree. I made quite a few and this is one of them. They need to be starched to add stiffness but if you store them well in a box or tin they can stay good for several years. I have my crochet snowflake ornaments for seven years already.
There were several free crochet patterns for snowflakes but I chose the one here. Have fun crocheting it. I did!
Crochet Snowflake free pattern

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