Sunday, January 11, 2015

Free crochet snowflake patterns

I had made quite a few crochet snowflake Christmas tree ornaments some years back and I had posted a picture of our Christmas tree on our Facebook page at Joli.Creations. I got some orders for the crochet snowflakes that were seen in the picture but then I could not even remember which of the free crochet snowflake patterns I had used. So I thought I would post about them so that it would be easier not only for me to find the free snowflake crochet designs but also for all my followers and readers.
Free crochet patterns for snowflake Christmas tree ornaments
I made all these for the customer and she was oh so pleased. If you would like to see all my posts on crochet snowflakes, click here: snowflakes or you might want to access them individually, he links are provided below:


  1. Not sure if you can help me. I've been looking for this doily pattern forever but I don't know which book it's from. Here's a link to one that's already completed. The seller won't tell me where it's from.

    1. Have the time now to reply to user's queries but just found that the link you posted here no longer exists. If you can send me a picture? Meanwhile, you may check if this is what you are looking for :


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