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Free Crochet Collar Patterns

If you have been looking for  crochet collar patterns, then this is the place for you. You can get plenty of   crochet collar instructions for free if you go to Picasa; there are plenty of free crochet books and magazines that you can download for free. Learn how to get the free crochet books. Besides, Magic Crochet and Decorative Crochet, there are plenty of other crochet magazines and crochet books that you can download. A crochet collar dress  can look extremely pretty and feminine and you can get a lot of extra compliments too if you make it yourself. If you do not know to crochet then you can easily learn by following the basic crochet stitches here. There are a lot of beginner projects you can choose from if you are just starting to crochet and collar crochet laces are no exception. You can follow the crochet collar tutorial with ease and very soon you will turn into an expert as you make more and more crochet projects.

Free Crochet Lace Collar Pattern

Download this pretty pineapple crochet lace collar pictured left from Magic Crochet No. 64 here:
Free pattern for pineapple crochet collar
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Collar Crochet Instructions
Download this vintage crochet collar pattern pictured to the left :

patterns for vintage crochet collar
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Collar Crochet Patterns Free

Get this free pattern crochet collar from Magic Crochet No. 83 :
free pattern crochet collar
Crochet Collar Patterns
Get each picasa collar crochet pattern pictured here from Magic Crochet No. 28; download the party collar and lacy collar instructions here : picasa collar pattern

There are many a  crochet collar diy project that you can take on and you can not only make a crochet collar necklace for yourself but also to sell and even give away as gifts. You can be sure the crochet collars will be well appreciated by both the old and young alike. You can choose a  peter pan collar crochet or a  crochet collar scarf as per your taste. The free crochet peter pan collar pattern can be used for little girls and I have used these for my niece. Many a crochet collar free pattern can be used for your project and then you can wear it on more than one dress. Free crochet lace collars are so easily available now that you just don't need to buy any crochet books; just pick a free crochet collar pattern and you're good to go.

Find more free crochet collar patterns here : pretty crochet collar instructions.


  1. hi,

    can you help me find those collars in the picture? i can find them in picassa, thank you

  2. Hi Carina,
    The crochet collars featured on this page are all from the Magic Crochet magazines.
    The fourth collar is from Magic Crochet No. 28.
    You will also find some crochet collar instructions in Magic Crochet No. 55.

  3. The first crochet collar pattern is from Magic Crochet No. 64.
    The third crochet collar pattern is from Magic Crochet No. 83.


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