Monday, February 10, 2014

Free mouse amigurumi crochet pattern

Free pattern for amigurumi mouse
I have certainly caught the bug in making these cute crochet amigurumis. I simply love these little crochet stuffed toys. My nieces and nephews love them too; my twenty year old niece made the doll and the bunny rabbit and my nine year old niece (I had to blackmail her with "make one get one free") made a coaster, a rat and half a snowman. Her amigurumi duck too is lying half done waiting for the next holiday when we are both home. My nephews loved the angry bird, Doraemon and the pink panther and most of the other amnigurumi too. I got this free mouse amigurumi pattern off the Net and liked it a lot because I crocheted it all in one stretch including the ears and the tail cutting off the yarn only at the end. The original mouse amigurumi pattern tells you to use a different colour yarn for the tail but I used the same color. I loved this free amigurumi pattern because I did not have to do any sewing afterwards. It is all in one piece. Simply loved the ears; made them while doing the body. Took me about 30 minutes in all. I would love to make these mouse amigurumi in rainbow colors. I am sure they would look good! The yellow amigurumi mouse already found a new home at my niece's ;) If you liked this mouse amigurumi, you can find the free pattern here.

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