Saturday, April 12, 2008

Internet and Crochet

When we first started using the Broadband for Internet, my sister told me over the phone that she had found some nice patterns for her formal office wear which she would ask her tailor to sew for her. I "googled" for "suit patterns" and I did not find anything interesting. On an impulse I googled for "free crochet patterns" next and came up with quite a few links which I will share with you in my posts. My mother has been doing a lot of crochet over the years and now even in her seventies, her enthusiasm has not diminished. As I delved further into the world-wide-web, I found that I could download entire crochet books and magazines all for free!! My joy knew no bounds!! I will be posting here the steps you have to follow to be able to download these free crochet magazines and free crochet books like Magic Crochet, Decorative Crochet, Diana and many, many more. And I am sure once you find out how to do it, you are going to be as thrilled! Good luck and Happy Crocheting....


  1. Well I have read what few posts that you have left here and all you have shown is how to download Picasa! Tell me where and how to get these free books?!?! I have pattern acquisition syndrome..and I love crochet, specially the old, vintage, antique crochet!! I have Picasa, but what is the next step? To search Picasa?? More, more, more!! Don't leave this blog hanging?! I want to see more posts by you!! I want more crochet patterns! My most favorite of all are Doily Patterns!! Keep 'em coming hun!! PLEASE!! PLEASE POST MORE TO THIS BLOG!

    Jessica 'da Rabbit

  2. Jessica, now do the following :

    On the right hand side of the page under "Blog Archive" click on the link "How to login to Picasa" and follow the instructions there. You can download a lot of lovely books on doilies. Have fun crocheting!!



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