Monday, December 15, 2014

Free crochet pattern for snowmen

Tiny crochet snowmen free pattern
 Christmas is fast approaching and I am busy with so many orders that sometimes I wonder whether I will have enough time to make things for myself! :( So I have decided not to take orders in December henceforth; it simply puts too much pressure on me as I have a full-time job and can do this only at nights and weekends when I have time to spare. Last year I had made the sitting snowman and also the teeny snowmen in rainbow colours but most of them got given away and the ones we have left are red, green blue and yellow which we had put up on our Christmas tree. I had put a picture of our Christmas tree 2013 with all the crochet Christmas ornaments on our Facebook page and so the orders started pouring in for Christmas 2014. I started working on them only in October over weekends and here are some of the snowmen that I made. It takes me a half hour just to make all the crochet parts and then another half hour to assemble them and sew on the beads for eyes and buttons. They make wonderful Christmas decor in crochet and you can hang them on your Christmas tree, pin them on to your curtains or leave them here and there in your homes. You can be sure they will be much appreciated. some of these are going as gifts, one set of snowmen will go to my dear godmother and the other I have already given to my mother's doctor; she really takes good care of her health and I am so very grateful to her. She was really thrilled. If you would like to crochet them yourselves, you will find the link to the pattern in my earlier post here : free crochet pattern for small snowmen

Free crochet pattern snowmen

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